How to Focus in Class

-write it down

-map it out

-create the right envirment

-Prioritize tasks

-take a break

-set a timer

-plan some joy


-chunk it

-record it


A question from Anonymous

Quick back story: I have a boyfriend, he breaks up with me, gets a new girlfriend. 

Now, I’m completely fine with this, but I think I still come off as kinda desperate and  clingy sometimes. Can you help me….not come off like that? It makes it really awkward and I think it’s starting to affect our friendship. Please help!

-Anonymous 11/20/16

Thank you for your question! We’re glad to answer it. Here’s our advice: Well, I have had experience here and to be honest the best advice is to ignore what other people say/or make you feel.  But, if you really want advice I would say that give some space if you know there is someplace they normally are were you meet, like at lunchtime, possibly avoid it for a few days, or sit somewhere else. If you want you could also try spending more time with other people, joining an afterschool club or hanging out with a new group of people is a great way to interact with others. A big one is be very patient and relaxed. I know it sounds weird but if you act almost “detached” and like your not thinking about them it seems like you backed off eliminating that “clingy” feel. I hope this could help you in some way.

***Don’t forget you can always go to a guidence counceler if you feel you situation is really getting out of hand.

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P.S E-mail us and we’ll help you if you need someone to talk to or help you out!

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School Help: Thinking of a Project

Have trouble coming up with a project idea? Or do you have a project and dont know how to go about completing or starting it? Here are a few tips to help move you along.

  • Search up Project Ideas on the internet- sometimes you can find great ideas to build of off on Pinterest or Google!
  • Think of things you are passionate about and/or know a lot about- Doing something you care about can bring your project to the next level
  • If you have to do your project on a certain topic. For example if you aredoing a poster on Poland and somebody asks you a famous mountain in Poland, you should know the answer. STUDY!
  • Ask a friend or a parent for ideas, materials, or guidence
  • Need help coming up with a topic? -Start with finding a problem you want to solve


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Five Ways to Clean!

Cleaning your house is never fun but sometimes you just push it into the closet. But then comes the day that you need to conquer the closet so here’s five tips to help.

  1. Conquer the Chaos– All of those out-of-place papers, dirty dishes, clothing, and toys make a house look dirty and make cleaning difficult. Get in the habit of putting items where they belong or throwing them away as soon as possible. If you spend five to 10 minutes each day eliminating the clutter, the action will soon become second nature.

2. Be Neat Now – Don’t wait to clean until the weekend; instead, clean as you go. After you use the bathroom sink each morning, wipe it down with a sponge or cloth. Do the same for adjoining countertops and shelves. Follow this rule in the kitchen and other rooms, too. Cleaning in small increments every day helps you avoid the dreaded Saturday scrub-a-thons.

hello, again!
3. Make a Date – Bigger cleaning jobs – windows, refrigerator, oven and bathroom tiles – should be completed monthly, but are easily forgotten. Choose a time to tackle each task and write it down, or use your favorite technology to send you reminders. Do the same for weekly chores such as cleaning toilets, doing laundry and vacuuming.

4. It’s a Family Affair – Involve the entire family in housework. If you introduce the concepts of organization and cleanliness to your children, they are more likely to carry habits forward into adulthood. Make age-appropriate chores a fun activity by holding competitions, giving out gold stars or prizes, or singing and playing games while the work is being done.

who’s there?
5. Mind the Method – House cleaning specialists (like from The Maids) move methodically in each room from top to bottom and to the right. Follow their lead when you clean and use microfiber cloths and a vacuum with HEPA filtration to remove dust and allergens.

I hope this helped you conquer the closet.

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Home Help: Chores

People usually despise chores because they just want to do other things and you have to commit which can be hard. These tips will help you to do your chores, and maybe you wont hate doing chores anymore or as much as you used to. Click read more to view these crucial tips!

  • Try making it fun. (Ex. If you have to clean your room you should try making it in a “basketball hoop” and see how much clothes or trash you can make in)
  • Do it with your friend to speed up the work or ask a sibling/parent for help.
  • Give yourself rewards for every time you complete your chores (Ex.Let yourself have a piece of candy or buy something)

I hope these help- Max V.

Self Help: Getting ready for school

Mornings can be hard, especially when you slept in or are running late.

We can help!

First, you want to develop a routine

  • Wake up to a set time- 6:25
  • Drink water
  • Make your bed
  • Eat
  • Get dressed
  • Put on deodorant, brush your teeth and brush your hair
  • Pack your bag and lunch
  • Walk to school/get to school

The day before:

  • Pick out your outfit or make sure you have clean clothes
  • If you have and I Phone 2-3 hours before bed, turn your phone to night mode
  • Take a shower
  • Study/Do your homework

How to Challenge Yourself in School

Lots of students fly through classes with no extra though.  Many kids want to challenge  themselves but don’t know how. I’ll tell you how.

  • Do extra. If our teacher assents one page and cross out the back, do it anyway.
  • Read ahead. it always helps and gives you a little boost.
  • Extra credit. It’s available most of the time and there’s normally a range from one little worksheet to a large project.

And our final leap, it’s a big one.

  • Learn a different langue. Whether there’s a class or you just check out a book. Be bilingual is a big skill that colleges look for, you most likely take in high school, and is great for traveling. \

I hope that this is helpful to you in finding a new way to challenge yourself.