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Quick back story: I have a boyfriend, he breaks up with me, gets a new girlfriend. 

Now, I’m completely fine with this, but I think I still come off as kinda desperate and  clingy sometimes. Can you help me….not come off like that? It makes it really awkward and I think it’s starting to affect our friendship. Please help!

-Anonymous 11/20/16

Thank you for your question! We’re glad to answer it. Here’s our advice: Well, I have had experience here and to be honest the best advice is to ignore what other people say/or make you feel.  But, if you really want advice I would say that give some space if you know there is someplace they normally are were you meet, like at lunchtime, possibly avoid it for a few days, or sit somewhere else. If you want you could also try spending more time with other people, joining an afterschool club or hanging out with a new group of people is a great way to interact with others. A big one is be very patient and relaxed. I know it sounds weird but if you act almost “detached” and like your not thinking about them it seems like you backed off eliminating that “clingy” feel. I hope this could help you in some way.

***Don’t forget you can always go to a guidence counceler if you feel you situation is really getting out of hand.

Here is a link for more information:  http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/9-ways-less-clingy-your-relationship.html

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