Five Ways to Clean!

Cleaning your house is never fun but sometimes you just push it into the closet. But then comes the day that you need to conquer the closet so here’s five tips to help.

  1. Conquer the Chaos– All of those out-of-place papers, dirty dishes, clothing, and toys make a house look dirty and make cleaning difficult. Get in the habit of putting items where they belong or throwing them away as soon as possible. If you spend five to 10 minutes each day eliminating the clutter, the action will soon become second nature.

2. Be Neat Now – Don’t wait to clean until the weekend; instead, clean as you go. After you use the bathroom sink each morning, wipe it down with a sponge or cloth. Do the same for adjoining countertops and shelves. Follow this rule in the kitchen and other rooms, too. Cleaning in small increments every day helps you avoid the dreaded Saturday scrub-a-thons.

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3. Make a Date – Bigger cleaning jobs – windows, refrigerator, oven and bathroom tiles – should be completed monthly, but are easily forgotten. Choose a time to tackle each task and write it down, or use your favorite technology to send you reminders. Do the same for weekly chores such as cleaning toilets, doing laundry and vacuuming.

4. It’s a Family Affair – Involve the entire family in housework. If you introduce the concepts of organization and cleanliness to your children, they are more likely to carry habits forward into adulthood. Make age-appropriate chores a fun activity by holding competitions, giving out gold stars or prizes, or singing and playing games while the work is being done.

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5. Mind the Method – House cleaning specialists (like from The Maids) move methodically in each room from top to bottom and to the right. Follow their lead when you clean and use microfiber cloths and a vacuum with HEPA filtration to remove dust and allergens.

I hope this helped you conquer the closet.

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Home Help: Chores

People usually despise chores because they just want to do other things and you have to commit which can be hard. These tips will help you to do your chores, and maybe you wont hate doing chores anymore or as much as you used to. Click read more to view these crucial tips!

  • Try making it fun. (Ex. If you have to clean your room you should try making it in a “basketball hoop” and see how much clothes or trash you can make in)
  • Do it with your friend to speed up the work or ask a sibling/parent for help.
  • Give yourself rewards for every time you complete your chores (Ex.Let yourself have a piece of candy or buy something)

I hope these help- Max V.

Home Help: Struggling on Homework

Welcome to another home help post! Today’s post: Struggling on homework.

Sometimes, homework can be hard and a lot of times are busy or don’t know how to help. Here are some tips to get your homework completed to help your grades!

  • Pay attention in class! Sometimes you might have a headache or just can’t focus! Ask a friend, teacher, or parent for help.
  • You Tube videos can help! Sometimes a teacher might not explain something fully or you just don’t understand! When you get home or on the bus, watch some you tube videos on the subject you’re struggling with!
  • Get a tutor or stay after! Check the local or school library hours and read about the topic your struggling with
  • Understand subjects are hard and you might not understand everything! Eventually throughout the lesson you might understand it!

Just remember: DON’T GIVE UP!!!!

Home Help: Cleaning your room!

Have a messy room and don’t know how to start?

  • Start by getting into comfortable clothing
  • Pick up all your dirty clothes and immediatly start a wash or make a pile to bring to the laundromat
  • Take all your dirty dishes and wash them
  • Make your bed
  • Brighten your room: Turn on lights, Light candles, and Open your shades
  • Hang up/fold your clean clothing
  • Put away all other random items on your floor, desk, and Nightstand

*Understand that having a clean room can lead to a better enviorment to complete schoolwork and just a better place to be in.

  • Wipe down all surfaces with a wipe or spray and paper towel

*Now that your room is somewhat clean you can start putting organization systems in place.

Here are a few cleaning and organizing website to further cleanse your room.


Now, you can feel relaxed in your nice clean & organized room!

Home Help: Entertainment

Most people when they are bored they lie down on their couch and watch TV and this list/post will give you ideas of what to do when you are bored!

  • Try Helping The Community-Volunteer at the animal shelter 
  • Go Outside- Go to the park!
  •  Play A Game- Board games, apps, and outdoor games.
  • Try To Take Apart A Device And Put It Back Together Correctly
  • Call Over A Friend
  • Do Some Of Your Favorite Hobbies- Crafts
  • Do Your Chores
  • Do Homework- Education is important and it doesn’t hurt to do extra work to help you at school
  • Go On A Walk
  • Have A Fun Time Out- Go to the Big E, YMCA, or Six Flags!
  • Be With Your Family- Cook a nice family dinner!
  • Sleep!- The benefits are amazing!

I need something to do!

A Few Tips For Getting Up

Three tips to get up in the morning.

I know a lot of people who struggle to get in the morning, the worst is for school. So I have a 3 tips that with transform your morning.

Only give your yourself just enough time so you only have a few minutes to stop moving. Its helps wake your body up and pushes away the sleep that you want to do when you sit on the couch watching tv for 20 minutes in the morning.

Feel like you slept in. how you ask? Pick a time that gives you just enough time in the morning, and set an alarm for that time and one ten minutes early with the earlier one you can go back to sleep for the extra time letting yourself “sleep in”.sleeping.jpg

Pick your stuff. If you pick all your things the night before it eliminate a lot of stress that people like to avoid in the morning. Pick your outfit, your makeup, your hair, your socks that match your outfit. It doesn’t matter but if you get it before you sleep you have when you wake.

These have been a few tips to help get you get up in the morning.