How to Focus in Class

-write it down

-map it out

-create the right envirment

-Prioritize tasks

-take a break

-set a timer

-plan some joy


-chunk it

-record it


School Help: Thinking of a Project

Have trouble coming up with a project idea? Or do you have a project and dont know how to go about completing or starting it? Here are a few tips to help move you along.

  • Search up Project Ideas on the internet- sometimes you can find great ideas to build of off on Pinterest or Google!
  • Think of things you are passionate about and/or know a lot about- Doing something you care about can bring your project to the next level
  • If you have to do your project on a certain topic. For example if you aredoing a poster on Poland and somebody asks you a famous mountain in Poland, you should know the answer. STUDY!
  • Ask a friend or a parent for ideas, materials, or guidence
  • Need help coming up with a topic? -Start with finding a problem you want to solve


How to Challenge Yourself in School

Lots of students fly through classes with no extra though.  Many kids want to challenge  themselves but don’t know how. I’ll tell you how.

  • Do extra. If our teacher assents one page and cross out the back, do it anyway.
  • Read ahead. it always helps and gives you a little boost.
  • Extra credit. It’s available most of the time and there’s normally a range from one little worksheet to a large project.

And our final leap, it’s a big one.

  • Learn a different langue. Whether there’s a class or you just check out a book. Be bilingual is a big skill that colleges look for, you most likely take in high school, and is great for traveling. \

I hope that this is helpful to you in finding a new way to challenge yourself.

The Fourteen School Commandments

If struggle with behavior in school you may need a different set of envisions. Envisions and things you think of yourself doing in an effort to doing real life. So here are 14 envisions for the behavioral challenged.

1)          I need to be on time to class.

2)         I need to bring my supplies to class.

3)         I need to bring the book used for that class.

4)         I need to do the homework required for that class.

5)         I must do what my teachers direct me to do.

6)         I must listen at all times so i can learn what the teacher is teaching.

7)         I must learn to accept the consequences of my behavior.

8)         I must do all of my work to the best of my ability.

9)         I must learn to work quietly in class and ignore others who try to disturb me.

10)       I must learn to follow directions.

11)        I must study for tests in order to do my best.

12)       I must come to school every day ready to learn.

13)       I should bring only the appropriate material (notebook, paper, pencil, etc.)

14)       I must control my overall behavior on campus every day and strive to enjoy school and have positive interaction with other students and staff.

These 14 envisions should help you keep yourself in check. Good luck Surviving at School Now! 🙂

School Help: Grades Dropping!? & Binder Help

Are your grades dropping? Is it hard to finish your work at home not to mention  homework. Well, we are here to help YOU!

Here are some helpful hints:


  1. Ask a friend for help! Meet at the park or your house to complete your work!
  2. Keep a planner to mark when your assignments are due.
  3. Studying for tests is simple! Keep all your notes and review them before a test.
  4. If you have a messy binder- Its part of the problem! If your binder is messy we will help you! Fill out the contact form linked below!
  5. Ask a teacher and stay after
  6. If you don’t have timed to complete your work because of after school sports and clubs, quit them. Keep in mind education is most important!

An important education quote…


School Help: Lockers

Hello! Today we are going to be talking about locker organization.

The benefits:


A decked out locker idea!

  • Organized school work
  • A safe place to keep your items
  • A place where you can easily access anything you need

How to achieve a clean and organized locker.

  •  Figure out how you would like to lay out your locker.
  • Keep everything in a special spot
  • Keep all trash out!

Locker decorations are not needed but will make your locker awesome!

Locker Shelf are a must if you need more storage!!!


Organize Your Locker

Things you need in your locker


  • Hand Sanitzer
  • Deodorant
  • Lotion
  • Mirror
  • Schedule
  • Sweater
  • Water
  • Snack
  • Extra School Supplies
  • Decorations
  • Umbrella
  • Hair Ties
  • Extra Change of Clothes
  • Emergency Kit


  • Deodorant
  • Water
  • Snack
  • Extra School Supplies
  • Schedule
  • Sweatshirt
  • Umbrella